laser Dentistry

Laser dentistry is a game-changing technology that provides many benefits for dental procedures. At LA Smile Specialists, we utilize a variety of lasers, but we’re particularly proud of our FDA-approved Biolase iPlus laser. This versatile laser allows us to perform over 80 dental procedures using only water and a cool laser tip. Our laser treatments provide a more precise and comfortable experience for patients, and many procedures, including fillings (cavity restorations) can be done without anesthesia, which is ideal for patients with dental anxiety.


Laser Dental cleaning

& GUM Conditioning

Gum disinfection, also known as periodontal disease treatment, has been revolutionized by the use of laser technology. Traditionally, dental professionals would rely on scraping tools and ultrasonic devices to remove plaque and hardened calcified plaque, known as calculus, from the teeth. However, this mechanical removal process could inadvertently harm the delicate connective tissue that attaches the gums to the tooth roots, often leading to gum recession.

With laser gum treatments, the cleaning process is significantly improved. Initially, a gentle traditional cleaning is performed, followed by the use of a laser tip to target the remaining bacteria and plaque in and around the gums. Even the most skilled hygienists, dentists, and gum specialists may struggle to remove 100% of plaque and calculus in a single session, which is where the laser treatment proves invaluable. By employing a high-power water and laser combination, the laser effectively removes and disinfects the gums while preserving the vital connective tissue necessary for the gums to reattach to the tooth roots.

The results achieved through laser therapy are truly remarkable, making it a preferred method for deep cleaning procedures. The risk of gum recession caused by aggressive scraping is minimized, and the laser treatment ensures thorough removal of bacteria and damaged tissue. With its ability to disinfect the gums and promote healthy reattachment, the laser offers an exceptional solution for enhancing oral health.

Laser Root canal

Treatment & Conditioning

Laser technology can also speed up the healing time of mouth lesions and improve the success rate of root canal therapy. Disinfection rates of up to 99% can be achieved, removing bacteria from hard-to-reach areas of the tooth’s root. Laser disinfection can even be a quick and effective solution for failed implants. At LA Smile Specialists, we believe laser dentistry benefits every patient, especially those with advanced dental issues, fear of traditional surgery, or needle phobia.

Laser root canals offer several advantages over traditional root canal procedures that do not utilize lasers. One significant benefit is that the use of lasers can make the procedure less painful for patients. With lasers, there is generally less need for drilling, and the lasers can target the infected tissue with greater precision, reducing the risk of damage to surrounding healthy tissue. Additionally, lasers are highly effective at killing bacteria, which can help reduce the risk of reinfection and lead to better long-term outcomes and decrease changes of root canal redos.

Gummy Smile

laser treatments

Our laser technology allows us to contour gums and bone without reflecting them back, making treatments for gummy smiles quick and painless. Additionally, our lasers can remove cavities without the need for numbing in many cases, and treat peri disease with gentle cleaning and high-power water and laser disinfection.

No shot


Experience no-shots, comfortable fillings with laser dentistry! Yes, it’s true. We can now remove many cavities without the need for numbing shots in many cases. This remarkable feat is made possible because the laser precisely targets and eliminates only the damaged or decayed tooth structure, leaving the healthy part untouched. Unlike traditional methods, the laser preserves your healthy dentin and enamel, ensuring that no unnecessary tooth structure is removed. Since the nerve endings reside in the healthy portion of the tooth, you can expect minimal to no discomfort during the decay removal process when using the laser. While larger and deeper cavities may still require some numbing, the laser allows us to capitalize on its benefits of conserving enamel and dentin, promoting a minimally invasive approach to treatment. Say goodbye to numbing shots and hello to pain-free, tooth-preserving laser fillings.

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