Clear Aligners

AI Clear Aligners

Looking to improve your smile? Crooked or crowded teeth are not only a cosmetic concern for some patients, but can also lead to chewing difficulties, breathing problems while sleeping, and oral health issues. Traditional treatment options such as metal braces can take up to two or three years to straighten teeth, which can be unappealing for many adults. Fortunately, clear aligner technology has improved over the years, but not all aligners are the same. Our office offers the newest AI-based aligner system that decreases the number of office visits and increases the likelihood of achieving desired results. With our sophisticated app and a device to take video progress, our team can remotely monitor your progress and ensure you are on the correct path. Treatment length depends on individual factors, but our technology allows for quicker treatment times than traditional aligner systems. For those seeking a smile makeover, our aligner system can correct the position of teeth, allowing for porcelain veneers or crowns to be placed with little to no enamel shaving.

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